The Humane Society of Wyoming County, Inc

Serving Wyoming County, Pennsylvania


What to do when you find a lost pet or when your pet strays from home:

Contact the following:

Wyoming County Humane Society at 836-4745

The Susquehanna County shelter at 278-1228

The Griffin Pond shelter at 586-3700

The Luzerne County  SPCA at 825-4111

For dogs, you should also call Dog Law at 836-2183 and of course, the local and state police.

You should put up posters and advertise in newspapers

Anyone finding a pet is obligated to advertise it by following the same steps listed above.  

The found pet should be advertised by all available means for a minimum of 2 weeks.  

Also, the pet should be scanned for a microchip at a shelter or vet's office.

Owners of lost pets should put advertisements in newspapers and put up posters.  

We are all obliged to try our hardest to reunite pets with their families.....if pets could talk, they would tell you where they live but since they can’t we have to exhaust all means at our disposal to help them to find their way home to their loved ones!